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Ask 10 advisors to define it and you'll probably receive 10 different answers.

Not at BayBridge. A comprehensive financial plan created by one of our CFP® professionals will always include the following:


Get Organized

Get Organized

A checking account here, an old 401(k) over there?

We build and maintain a custom financial portal where you can view all of your assets, liabilities, insurance details, important documents, and financial plan progress in one place, ensuring that it automatically updates every single day - giving you full control over your finances and the ability to partner with your advisor to make fully informed decisions together, any time that the need arises.

Choosing to also incorporate the services of our tax, estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals creates consistency across all components of your financial team, helping to remain on track while pursuing your goals.

Set Goals

Set Goals

Looking to purchase a first home, a dream home, or a retirement-friendly home?

Wanting to start your own company, retire early from your current company, or spend more time amongst preferred company?

No ambition is too great, no desire too small - we want to identify what makes you tick.

A sizable net worth is not our definition of a successful financial plan. We define success as the ability for you to utilize your savings in a way that fulfills your life's ambitions - and we want to help you get there.

Implement A Strategy

Implement A Strategy

It has been said that "a goal without a plan is just a wish".

In order to turn your goals into reality, we create step-by-step plans to help you get started, stay on track, and arrive safely at your intended destination. 

Our custom communication system monitors the progress of recommended tasks and a detailed report of your investment performance is mailed to you on a quarterly basis. In addition, your comprehensive financial plan is reviewed with your advisor a minimum of twice per year.

Monitor and Adjust Accordingly

Monitor and Adjust Accordingly

We know it - life happens. Investment values fluctuate, jobs change, and cash flow can sometimes become less than predictable.

Not to worry. We believe that a financial plan isn't just a nicely bound booklet, but rather a level of control over your finances that is achieved through a partnership with a trusted professional that helps to instill accountability, assess progress, identify opportunities or shortfalls, and shift strategies when necessary.  

Utilizing industry-leading technology along with traditional planning insight, we will keep a proactive watch over your financial plan, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most.

No Sales Goals. No Quotas. No Kidding.

We focus solely on fulfilling the needs of our clients and helping them to achieve their objectives.

Our service model is supported, not dominated, by technology. The efficiencies of modern software help us to reduce costs, not service, for our clients.

Investment Management

IRA & Roth: 0.5% of AUM per year

Financial Planning

Starting at $199 per month

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