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Lynette Arias

Lynette Arias

Client Service Associate


Lynette Arias is a Client Service Associate at BayBridge Capital Group. She is responsible for all aspects of administrative needs including account opening, transfers, deposits, record maintenance, and communications. She is passionate about what she does, and is most excited for the relationships she is able to build with other team members, as well as clients.

Lynette has served in the financial industry for 11 years, and worked with Morgan Stanley before coming to BayBridge Capital Group. She is a Notary Public, a proud mom, a Little League Board Member, an avid at-home chef, a lover of pizza, and a firm believer in always having clean clothes. Lynette earned her first paycheck by blowing up balloons, organizing party favors, and re-stocking aisles of costumes at Party City.

It’s been a while since Lynette manned a helium tank, but her passion for organization and her dedication to helping others is as strong as ever. When she isn’t actively engaged as the glue that holds the firm together, Lynette enjoys spending time with her kids and participating in outdoor activities.


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